How to Keep Outdoor Cats Cool in Summer – Best Tips

How to Keep Outdoor Cats Cool in Summer – It’s vital to ensure our outdoor cats stay cool in the summer. Rising temperatures and heatwaves can be dangerous for them. This guide will show you how to keep outdoor cats comfortable and safe during the hot months.

Provide Cooling Mats and Shelters

It’s vital to keep outdoor cats cool in summer. Providing cooling mats and shaded shelters is a great way to do this. This approach helps them relax and get relief from the high temperatures.

Cooling Mats for Outdoor Cats

Pet cooling mats are a great help. They have a special fabric that stays cool, dropping the cat’s body temperature. Some mats can even go in the freezer for extra chill. This way, cats can stay cool and comfortable outside, even on the hottest days.

Shaded Outdoor Cat Shelters

Along with mats, cats need shaded places to stay. Adding shelters like lean-tos gives them a cool spot away from the sun. These can be simple or more complex. They all serve to protect cats from extreme heat and keep them healthy.

Using both mats and shelters is key. Together, they ensure outdoor cats beat the heat and enjoy summer in comfort.

Wet Towels and Grooming

Wet towels are a great, low-cost way to cool off outdoor cats. You can gently wipe them down with a cold, wet towel, making sure they get wet. As the water on the cat dries, their body temperature drops.

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Remember, it’s best to put these towels in their favorite spots during the day. But don’t forget to pick them up in the evening. This stops the cats from getting too cold.

Cool Off Cats with Wet Towels

Using a cold, wet towel to wipe outdoor cats is very effective. It helps lower their body temperature due to water evaporation. You can also put these damp towels in their resting places for extra cooling.

Help Cats Groom and Brush Regularly

In the summer, grooming outdoor cats helps a lot. It takes off extra fur and stops their coat from getting matted. Without these pains, cats can cool off more easily. Plus, the grooming helps spread their skin’s oils, making their fur act like a nice shield against the sun.

Frozen Treats and Ice Packs

Offering frozen goodies can be a great way for outdoor cats to stay cool in the summer. Freeze water into ice cubes or popsicle forms for a fun treat. You can also use chicken broth, wet food, or safe liquids for cats to enjoy. They’ll find it fun to play with or lick the cool treats.

Freeze Items like Ice Cubes and Treats

Make ice cubes or small popsicles out of water, broth, or wet food. This serves as a cool treat for cats in hot weather. The frozen items not only cool off cats but also hydrate them as it melts away.

Use Ice Packs and Frozen Bottles

Frozen treats aren’t the only option. You can also use ice packs for outdoor cats to keep them cool. By placing frozen water bottles or ice packs in their sleeping places, cats have a cool spot to relax. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep cats comfortable in summer.

how to keep outdoor cats cool in summer

In the summer heat, we can make outdoor, community, and feral cats more comfortable. This includes giving them cooling mats, shaded areas, and wet towels. Regular grooming and frozen treats also help them stay safe and content.

These tips are not just for our pets at home. They can also support cats in the neighborhood. By providing these essentials, we can ensure they enjoy even the hottest days. This approach benefits cats that live outside and need our care.

Using these cooling methods makes a big difference for our cats in the summer. It’s all about being proactive and meeting their specific needs. By doing this, we help our feline friends keep cool and enjoy the season.

Provide Ample Shade and Ventilation

Outdoor cats need plenty of shade and fresh air to stay cool in the summer. The early afternoon is the hottest time. This is when cats must avoid direct sunlight as much as they can.

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We can make the yard cooler by adding shady places. Trees, bushes, and structures like gazebos or patios work well. It’s best to choose areas with grass or light-colored ground, not asphalt.

Create Shady Spots in the Yard

We can add structures or plants to provide shade for outdoor cats. Placing these shady areas near their favorite spots can help. It makes it easier for them to escape the sun.

Creating cool, shaded places [creating shady spots for outdoor cats] makes the summer better for them. It improves their comfort during hot months.

Ensure Good Airflow in Shelters

Shades is not always enough. [Provide airflow in cat shelters] is also important. It helps control the heat and keeps cats comfy.

We can use well-ventilated structures for the cats. These structures have open walls or high roofs. Even adding fans can make a big difference. This [keeping outdoor cats cool with shade] is critical for summer care.

Hydration and Water Sources

It’s crucial to keep outdoor cats well-hydrated in the summer. Place multiple water bowls around so they can easily find water without going too far. If the bowls are in the shade and are narrow and deep, the water will evaporate less quickly.

Leave Out Multiple Water Bowls

Make sure there are many water bowls around for outdoor cats. This way, they can drink any time and stay hydrated in the summer. It’s a good way to make sure community cats don’t get dehydrated.

Use Cooling Water Bowls and Fountains

Aside from many water sources, consider using cooling bowls and fountains. They are made to keep water cool and refreshing. This can be very helpful for cats to stay hydrated and cool in hot weather.

Summer Feeding Tips

When you look after outdoor cats in summer, feed them wisely. Dry cat food is better than wet due to its longer freshness. This food type also avoids insect problems. Always clear away any uneaten food after 45 minutes to keep it fresh and avoid attracting bugs.

Feed Dry Food and Remove Leftovers

In summer, choose dry food for outdoor cats to stop it from going bad. Wet food easily spoils in the heat. Taking away leftovers after 45 minutes not only keeps the food safe but also stops pests from coming around.

Use Ant-Proof Feeding Bowls

To protect the food from pests during summer, think about using ant-proof bowls. These bowls have designs that stop bugs. This step keeps the food fresh and the eating area safe for feral cats and others.

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Follow these tips to make sure your outdoor cats get good, safe food in summer.

Trapping and TNR Precautions

If you help with TNR, taking extra care in summer is key. Leaving cats in traps during high temperatures can lead to heatstroke. And this can be fatal. It’s wise to skip trapping in very hot weather to keep cats safe.

Summer calls for more attention to TNR safety. It’s important to protect feral cats from the heat. You must be extra cautious when trapping in hot weather. Making sure they don’t get sick from the heat is crucial.

Sun Protection and Heat Monitoring

It’s crucial to shield outdoor cats from the sun’s harmful rays. This is vital for light-colored fur cats. While human sunscreens are off-limits, specific topical treatments for felines help prevent sunburn and damage.

Provide Sunscreen for Light-Colored Cats

Light-colored cats, like white, cream, or pale orange ones, need extra care. They’re more at-risk of sun damage and sunburn. Using pet-friendly sunscreen on their ears, nose, and other light spots can protect them from UV rays. These sunscreens are safe for cats, even if they lick or eat them.

Watch for Signs of Heatstroke

Monitoring for heatstroke is also key for outdoor cats. Signs include fast breathing, too much panting, drooling, tiredness, and falling over. If you think a cat has heatstroke, cool them down gently and get them to a vet right away.

sun protection for outdoor cats


Keeping outdoor cats cool and safe in the summer is vital. This guide has offered many useful tips. For example, setting up cooling mats and shaded spots can help. Also, using wet towels and grooming often is great. Don’t forget to give frozen treats and ice packs too. Make sure there’s lots of shade and fresh air.

Having plenty of water sources is key for their health. Taking care with summer feeding and TNR is also important. By following these tips, outdoor cats can stay happy and healthy in the heat.

Our actions show how much we care for them. We have a duty to protect our outdoor cat friends. By doing so, we create a kinder world for everyone.


What kinds of cooling mats are available for outdoor cats in the summer?

Many pet cooling mats lower a cat’s body temperature using self-cooling fabrics. These mats can be cooled further in a freezer. Cats stay on these mats until they feel cooler.

How can wet towels help cool down outdoor cats?

Using cold, wet towels on cats helps as the water evaporates. This method works best during the day. Always avoid using this method at night.

What kind of frozen treats can we provide to help outdoor cats stay cool?

Ice cubes made of water or treats from safe liquids offer a fun, cooling option. Chicken broth and wet food popsicles are also good choices for cats.

Why is it important to provide ample shade and ventilation for outdoor cats in the summer?

It’s vital to protect outdoor cats from the sun, especially in the heat of the day. Shady areas in the yard and well-ventilated shelters keep them cool.

How can we make sure outdoor cats stay hydrated in the summer heat?

Place multiple water bowls in shaded areas. Using deep bowls slows down evaporation, ensuring cats have enough water.

What should we consider when feeding outdoor cats in the summer?

In summer, dry cat food is better than wet food. It spoils less and doesn’t attract as many bugs. Remove uneaten food after 45 minutes to keep it fresh and prevent pests.

What precautions should we take when trapping outdoor cats during the summer?

Avoid trapping cats in hot weather to prevent heatstroke. Use traps judiciously and skip trapping in extreme heat.

How can we protect outdoor cats from the sun’s harmful rays?

Use special feline-friendly sun treatments to combat skin damage. These are much safer than human sunscreen for cats.

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