How to Stop Cat from Scratching Door: Our Guide

How to Stop Cat from Scratching Door – Feline friends can bring a lot of joy. However, their scratching habit can sometimes be a problem, especially for our doors. As good pet owners, it’s important to figure out why they do this and find ways to keep them from it. In this guide, you will learn how to stop your cat from scratching doors. We will give you expert tips and share our own advice.

Cats scratch doors for different reasons. It could be because they want attention, they are simply curious, or they feel the need to mark their territory. Understanding why your cat is doing this helps in finding the best solution. For example, if your cat scratches for attention, try not to react. Giving them more activities and adjusting their feeding time can also help.

We aim to help you and your cat live peacefully together. We’ll offer many strategies, from tiring out your cat before bed to using catnip and setting up a calm space. Since every cat is different, we’ll also look at unique ideas like regular nail trimming and positive training.

By using the advice in this guide, you can stop your cat from scratching doors. This will lead to a home that’s calm and good for both you and your cat. Let’s work together to find the best solutions for you and your furry friend.

Understanding Why Cats Scratch Doors

Cats are intriguing animals, and their actions can often confuse us. One common issue is why cats scratch doors. This habit has many reasons like seeking attention, a curious mind, and marking their space.

Attention-Seeking Behavior

Cats are not just independent; they crave our attention too. When they feel bored or left out, they might start scratching the door. It’s like a call for us to engage with them. Knowing this, we can work on giving them the attention they need, mitigating the scratching.

General Curiosity

Curious by nature, cats scratch doors to figure out what’s beyond them. For them, a closed door is just an obstacle to overcome. This is especially true for young and bold cats, always eager to explore.

Territorial Issues

Cats are big on territory and may scratch doors to claim their space. This is more common in homes with multiple cats, as they try to show who’s boss. Understanding their need to mark territory can help us deal with door scratching more effectively.

Wear Them Out Before Bedtime

To prevent your cat from scratching the door, play with them before sleep. This engages them in fun and exercise. They’ll use up their energy in play, making them less likely to scratch the door.

Playtime and Exercise

Cats love to play and release their energy. Every night, use toys, lasers, or a piece of string to have fun with your cat. This activity is great for making your cat tired before sleep and for improving your bond.

Tire Them Out

Besides regular play, use more activities to make your cat tired and stop door scratching. Try a cat tower or perch by a window for climbing and watching outside. Games like chase or hide-and-seek are also perfect. These games add to their exercise and playtime and prepare them for a peaceful night.

Distract with Catnip

Catnip is a great way to stop cats scratching doors. It’s a safe plant that cats love. By using catnip, we can get our cats to scratch where we want, not on doors.

Luring with Catnip Scent

Rubbing catnip on a scratching post near the door is smart. The strong smell will attract the cat to the right place to scratch. This method is a good way to use catnip scent as cat deterrent.

Redirecting to Scratching Posts

Use catnip to make scratching posts more appealing. By putting catnip on these posts, we direct our cats to them. This approach helps protect our doors and lets cats scratch where it’s okay.

Using catnip in our cat care helps prevent door scratching. It guides our cats to the right places to scratch. This makes both us and our cats happy, and it’s a fun solution.

Create a Calming Cat-Friendly Environment

To stop your cat from scratching doors, make a peaceful area that suits their needs. This means adding vertical spaces and cat trees for them to climb, scratch, and watch over their space.

Many cats like high spots to see everything. So, putting their spot near a window with engaging views is a great idea. It lets them watch the outside world, which can stop them from scratching the door.

Designing a cat-friendly room focused on their natural habits can keep them happy. They’ll be less likely to act out, like scratching at doors.

Use Cat-Deterring Essential Oils

Struggling to keep your cat from scratching doors? Essential oils might help. They can work as cat repellents. This deters cats from scratching your doors.

Making a cat-deterrent essential oil spray is easy. Just mix citrus, rosemary, or cinnamon oils with water in a spray bottle. Your cat won’t like the smell, so they’ll scratch less. Use this spray often to keep your door safe.

Essential oils can be great for keeping cats away from doors. You can mix different oils to make a powerful cat-repellent. It’s a natural way to protect your home from cat scratches.

Provide Appropriate Scratching Posts and Beds

To stop cats from scratching doors, they need the right scratching posts and beds. Cats scratch by nature. By giving them a spot to scratch, they won’t choose doors.

Selecting the Right Scratching Post

Choose a tall, strong scratching post. It should be wrapped in sisal, a material cats adore scratching. Place the post by the door or cover the door with a similar texture to draw your cat away.

Scratching Beds and Catnip

Scratching beds and catnip can also discourage door scratching. These offerings provide a cozy place and smell that cats love. Placing them near the door can train your cat where to scratch.

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how to stop cat from scratching door

There are two key ways to stop your cat from scratching doors. One is to trim their nails regularly. The other is to make sure they get enough play and exercise.

Trimming Nails Regularly

Cats scratch to keep their claws sharp. If you keep their nails short, they might not scratch as much. We recommend regularly trimming your cat’s nails. It might take time for them to get used to it. But, with patience and rewards, they can learn to like it.

Providing Mental and Physical Stimulation

It’s also important to keep your cat mentally and physically active. Play with your cat using toys and laser pointers. You can also use puzzle feeders to make meal times more fun. Changing their environment with new toys and spaces can also help. This prevents them from getting bored and scratching the door out of frustration.

Redirect and Train with Positive Reinforcement

Stopping a cat from scratching doors is best done with positive reinforcement. Instead of getting mad at the cat, reward them for good behavior. This positive reinforcement training to stop cat door scratching leads the cat to prefer proper scratching areas.

Ignoring Scratching Behavior

When a cat scratches a door, ignoring is key. Shouting or punishing them might make things worse. Instead, guide them to a scratching post calmly. Then, give them a treat or praise.

Rewarding Appropriate Scratching

To shape where cats scratch, reward them when they pick the right spot. If you see them using a post or pad, show some love. You can do this by petting, treating, or praising them. This will make good scratching habits stick.

Using Deterrents on Doors

Alongside positive training, using deterrents can stop door scratching. Things like double-sided tape, foil, or citrus sprays on the door may help. Cats don’t like these things. This way, they learn to scratch where it’s okay.

positive reinforcement training to stop cat door scratching


Cat owners can stop their cats from scratching doors by knowing why they do it. Cats may scratch doors for attention, out of curiosity, or to show they own the space. It’s important to figure out why to pick the right solution.

To stop cats from door scratching, play and exercise time is essential. This helps use up their energy. Distracting them with catnip and making their environment calm and cat-friendly can also work. Using deterring essential oils may be helpful too.

Setting up proper scratching posts and beds is crucial. Trimming their nails helps a lot. Positive training methods can also guide cats to scratch the right things. By using these ideas together, we can enjoy a scratch-free home with our pets.


Why do cats scratch doors?

Cats scratch doors for various reasons. It might be to seek attention or out of sheer curiosity. Territorial issues can also play a role. It’s important to figure out why your cat is doing it to find the best solution.

How can we tire out a cat before bedtime to prevent door scratching?

Playing with your cat and ensuring they get enough exercise can tire them out before bed. This can reduce their energy to scratch at doors.

How can catnip be used to deter door scratching?

Catnip can be a great tool to steer your cat’s attention away from doors. Rub it on a scratching post or a cat tree near the door. This way, they’ll be more likely to scratch on the right surface.

What can we do to create a calming, cat-friendly environment to prevent door scratching?

Setting up vertical spaces like cat trees and shelves is beneficial. Placing these areas near windows offers a calming environment. This can reduce the likelihood of door scratching.

How can essential oils help stop a cat from scratching doors?

Essential oils can be used in a homemade spray to deter your cat from scratching doors. Cats typically don’t like scents like citrus, rosemary, or cinnamon. Spraying these on the door can discourage scratching.

What type of scratching posts and beds should we provide to prevent door scratching?

Choose scratching posts and beds that your cat enjoys. This will help direct their scratching instinct away from doors. Make sure these are in locations they like.

How can regularly trimming a cat’s nails help stop door scratching?

Clipping your cat’s nails regularly is a simple way to reduce door scratching. Short nails mean there’s less need for them to scratch to maintain sharpness.

How can positive reinforcement training help stop a cat from scratching doors?

Positive reinforcement is a powerful way to shape your cat’s behavior. Reward them when they use their scratching posts. This will help them learn the right place to scratch. Avoid scolding or punishing them for scratching doors.

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